A Tale of Two Anthonys

I wonder what Edith thinks of the “new Anthony” in her life?  I know that JFells has a very limited vocabulary of names, but seriously?  Naming one romantic interest after another romantic interest?  Are there seriously a shortage of names in Britain?! ;)

I know that in my house, my ex-boyfriend’s name is like a slur; it’s seldom spoken.  Every time I hear it, a part of me is reminded of what once was and my thoughts almost always drift to him, even years later.  

Will the same happen with Edith and this new Anthony?  Will hearing the name “Anthony” cause her to reminisce about the original Anthony?  Will her thoughts drift to long car rides and the smell of old books?

I think it would be a really interesting plot device.  Hmmmmm…getting some fanfic ideas!

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    Well since the new guy is for Mary……….. My heart is still broken over what Julian did to Sir Anthony. So totally...
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    This is simply Fellowes way of metaphorically giving Sir Anthony fans the finger. I rather like this new character...
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    I think ke tried to get out of it by calling gillingham “tony”
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